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Founded at a time when the country’s economy is changing and developing strongly, along with economic opportunities and security challenges in the region and around the world; RND Global Company Limited and creative, dynamic staff and employees with many years of experience in supplying and distributing defense security products and solutions have been taking advantage of the strengths of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to develop and provide security, safety and high-tech solutions to Vietnamese Functional Forces in the fastest way.


  • With the motto “If you want peace, be ready for war”, the company vows to contribute wisdom, knowledge and resources to strengthen the country’s military strength and security, and ensure peace and stability for the country, region, and the world.
  • Contribute to the sustainable and stable development of the country based on: “Green Technology and Clean Energy”

Visions: Become a leading company providing

  • The most modern security solutions, equipment and weapons for Vietnamese Functional Forces.
  • The safe, modern and economical solutions for energy industries, mining, transportation…